Monday, September 8, 2008

Evergreen Island Update

There has been a lot of activity on Evergreen Island. It is now open to the public (building and terraforming restricted to members). You no longer need to belong to a group to get to Evergreen Island and it shows up in searches from within Second Life.

John Miller and his builders have put in a new clinic and classes will be held there in the Fall. We have an Administration of Justice class that will be taught there by Erik Laurentz. I am seeking other instructors to connect with TCC instructors to work on joint curricula. I am also in contact with students in France and Korea who are interested in learning about our strange and wonderful North West culture. Some of them are ESL students, and I am looking for more English teachers (or other disciplines?) who are interested in using Evergreen Island as a hub to meet people from around the world. Language issues are not a problem because many are learning English, the international language of business, and I have been using the free translator in Second Life called the “Simbolic Translator” that allows you to chat with people in a couple dozen languages. It is often wrong – but it is enough for simple sentences and some humorous explorations of grammar and international relations!

Andy Duckworth, Christopher Soran, and Jason Sandusky here at TCC have been working out many technical issues as far as supporting SL institutionally. Christopher will be posting a page to our wiki about having students run SL from a thumb drive, eliminating the update issues that many school labs have with SL. More on that later.

Slurl to Evergreen Island:
Simbolic Translator:


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