Monday, September 21, 2009

Angel Tip of the Day # 24 – Instructions for Students (and Faculty)

If you are using ANGEL, it is helpful to provide instructions for students on how to do stuff. But, you don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Here is a round up of some resources you can use.

eLearning Papers – here is a list of printable handouts with instructions for students and faculty on how to do various tasks in ANGEL. If you have requests for additional eLearning Papers, let us know.

ANGEL Instructions for Students – Cascadia’s public website has a list of videos with basic

ANGEL instructions - Students can access this from the right Resources Menu on all of the eLearning pages.

Videos in your ANGEL classroom – ANGEL tip of the day #10 explained how to easily add some instructional videos to your ANGEL classroom from Cascadia’e Learning object Repository.

Videos for Faculty – WAOL has a nice collection of ANGEL resources for faculty. Just click on the down arrows to reveal the topics.


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