Friday, February 8, 2008

Training on instructional technology

Thinking about having a multi-day event, something where there is enough time to get the hands on thing.

Train the trainer idea in the summer, where faculty development leads do it. Introduce the technologies (ie. second life, wikis, etc), use them, as well as work around different topics (cultural competency, etc). Trying to get to traveling once to get different kinds of training.

Also have time to work in small groups with people in geographical areas close to you for better collaboration that can be ongoing beyond the event. Goal towards more regional training in instructional technology.

Roger from South said the Seattle Community Colleges had a 3 day event on Rich Media one summer and it was really valuable (click on the link - there is some cool stuff).

Desire to have more training on video taping of lectures.

Todd L. - have an RFP to get money to actually do these tasks, to move it beyond wonderful ideas to stuff that is actually happening.

David O.- notes that one important tool he uses is the telephone - having someone talking on speakerphone sharing ideas. Wants to have faculty showcase how they are using technologies - driven by the faculty, not by venders. Faculty get overwhelmed by so many kinds of media, wants a space to try things out so he can make the best decisions for his classroom.

Jennifer planning to do something like that at Bellingham tech - Play to Learn. Will have a brief presentation followed by "play time". Will probably have it streaming live, if folks want to attend virtually.

Someone comments that it would be useful to have a chart with the colleges and various technologies and checks of who is doing what and who the point people are.


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