Monday, November 23, 2009

Winter Quarter in ANGEL

· What do I need to do to get ANGEL spaces for my winter classes? Nothing. If you are reading this, we will create a space for every class you are scheduled to teach. Winter ANGEL course shells will be created on November 30.

· What’s this I hear about a new version of ANGEL? We will upgrade to ANGEL 7.4 on December 16. This is largely an administrative upgrade. From a teaching perspective , you will barely notice it. I taught in ANGEL 7.4 last summer and it has some cool bells and whistles, but the basics are all the same.

· What do I need to do for the upgrade? Nothing. Your courses will be copied over for you.

· How can I learn more about the upgrade? Attend one of the overview sessions being provided by the SBCTC. The dates and times are below. I was not planning to offer any local training in 7.4 before winter quarter, but I can if you want me to. Send an email to Stephanie Delaney if you would like me to do some training on ANGEL 7.4 before the end of the quarter or during the break.

· Don’t I remember you saying something about archiving Spring class shells? Yes, Spring 09 course shells will be deleted in the next couple of days. I will have a backup, but you should have that content copied into a master course, your learning object repository or backed up onto your computer. Let me know ASAP if you need some help with this.

· Will Stephanie be around to help me with ANGEL and other technology stuff during the break? Maybe. I have jury duty beginning Dec 16. There is no telling how long that will be. I will also be taking a few days off between Christmas and New Years.


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