Monday, January 11, 2010

ANGEL Tip of the Day #40: Check your Profile

With the demise of the “.ctc” email addresses, you should take a moment to check your Profile in ANGEL to be sure your email address is current. Also, add your picture and bio. You can also change how your name appears (so can your students, so ask them to do so if they use a nick name)

While you are in the Preferences area, be sure to change your password if you still have it set at the default – remember your password formula is the same as the students, so it would be really easy for them to log in as you if you stick with the default.

To access the Preferences area, click on the head on the left navigation pane.
• Click on Personal Information to change your email address.
• Click on Change Password to change your password.
• Finally, you can set the email handling for all of your classes from one place when you click on the System Settings. You can also default to the “advanced” button setting from there.


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