Wednesday, February 27, 2008

REducing time to degree completion for campus students - a case study

As distance learning became more popular, presidents and chancellors saw that DL might be an option for addressing an intractable problem - time to degree completion. If done right, online courses can provide greater access to instruction and permits students to have improved time to degree.

Case study at Perdue University. They have seen a correlation between on time degree completion and expanded access to online courses - up 4%. The connection was not intended, but became evident over time. They asked about it in student satisfaction surveys. 65% of students said the online courses
50% + taking required courses
40% taking required electives

Perdue also noted that the number of credit hours has increased 4.5% (makes sense, given the 4% improvement in on time degree completion). Teaching contact hours only increased 2.3% - aided by online instruction.

Comment from HBCU president - results at Perdue show how essential support will be for faculty and students engaged in online education, particularly media and technology support.


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