Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I'm attending a National Webcast Discussion on this interesting topic. I thought you might enjoy hearing a little bit about it. So, I'll blog the interesting points as the 2 hour event progresses. The Introduction is going on and the event is being hosted at WSU.

Here is the blub on the webcast:

Beginning in 2007, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation made possible a national initiative focused on the strategic importance of online learning and distance education in higher education. This live national videoconference coming from Washington State University is an opportunity for individuals (at their computers) and in groups participating locally together to:

  • interact with university presidents and other national leaders involved in the NASULGC/SLOAN National Online Learning Commission;
  • experience real case examples from universities where online learning, distance education and rapid internet interaction made a difference (time to graduation, business and financial strength, disaster recovery, mentoring, etc.);
  • see how some universities are incorporating this strategic asset in their master plans;
  • discuss and raise questions about what works, what doesn't and what leadership in this area requires for the future.

Opportunities for pre-conference interaction, local group discussion formation and online learning resources will be made available shortly.

The American Distance Education Consortium (ADEC) is collaborating with Washington State University and Oregon State University in producing the event. The NASULGC Commission, Sloan-C, The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, The Pennsylvania State University, Purdue University, Colorado State University, the Southern Educational Regional Education Board (SREB) and others are participating in marketing, case study development and program planning.


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