Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Technology Feedback #2

I'm making a point to attend the Technology Feedback sessions and share the information back to you. Here is what I learned in the March 6 session. I've put the more interesting things in red:
  • Disconnects - if you get disconnected from the server while you are on your desktop, the problem should be resolved soon.
  • UW Classrooms - single login is on the way.
  • Helpdesk feedback - they should reply initially within 3 days and, if not totally resolved, they should follow up again within 5 days.
  • Wireless System - should be set up in public areas by the beginning of Spring Quarter.
  • New Helpdesk software is being selected. If you are interested in giving feedback, contact Brian Culver.
  • New Zocalo is in development, but will be a while.
  • Student Printers will be set to duplex as the default mode (will print on both sides of the paper) by the beginning of Spring Quarter. There will be lots of instructions on how to NOT print in duplex if students are printing things like resumes.
  • IT is rethinking all printing technology, faculty printers may change to duplex default as well.
  • Zocalo - is working fine. If you can't get on, it is probably a password issue. Please contact the help desk (really! try them! - I've had great luck with the Help Desk lately)
  • HR training - there is a new HR training position coming down the pike. This person would help people to understand how to use a variety of campus technologies.
  • Podium accounts - there will be generic podium accounts created, which will give guest users access to the Microsoft Office software and the internet. This should be helpful for guest speakers who just need to do a PowerPoint presentation or something like that.


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