Friday, May 16, 2008

Technology Update Meeting - May 14

Brian Culver hosted another Technology Update this week. Here are the highlights:
  • Wireless: it's up and running. Woo hoo! Signage is up and it is being well received by students. There are no current plans for expanded access. It is available in some classrooms at the moment, but IT expects that as more people use the wireless network, the reach into classrooms will be reduced.
  • Help Desk: New software is being installed. Brian will request help from possible reviewers at the end of May. Let him know if you want to help.
  • CRM - Managing student data for recruitment and retention. This has been implemented.
  • Onboarding: This manages new employees as they come on board. It is in process and they are confirming data about existing employees. They expect full implementation soon.
  • Printing: New print software will be implemented to manage student printing and better functionality for staff printing. The software will enable print tracking by budget number. They are not planning to implement it on desktop computers, though the possibility is built into the software. The overall plan is to get rid of the desktop printers and have everyone use the network printers, in our move towards greater environmental responsibility.
  • Portal: There is a new project manager. They are hoping to migrate over memorial day, solving double log-in problems etc. Nothing else is changing at the moment. They will wait to successfully change servers and then will address new navigation, features, better organization, etc.
  • Summer: Summer is a very busy time for IT. They have an ambitious plan to convert networks and telephones from UWB to Cascadia. The new phones with new features will include phone log in - very helpful for associate faculty and others who might work in more than one place in the college. There will be training on the new phones, planned for early September. In the transition, any messages on the phone system will be lost.
  • Help Desk Tickets:
    • 70 - 90 open at any given time
    • Touching base on the 3/5 rule. 3 days should be a worst case scenario. If a situation cannot be solved in 3 days, you should be updated every 5 days.
    • New helpdesk software should streamline the response time and improve availability of information on the process.
  • Classroom podiums - now have help desk information and generic log ins.
  • Media Center: Supports instructional computers for instructional purposes only. Planning to staff it ourselves. Open hours is an issue; library wants it to be taken over by July 1.
  • Internet Project - will use a content management system that will allow people to update changes on they own. As a result of this anticipated change, Sandra Carlquist's position has not been filled. Some new position will be envisioned in the future.


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