Friday, May 2, 2008

Camtasia Studio - Session 1

This session is being done by Jean Kent from Seattle Central Community College. I know Jean and she does a lot of technical training for the Seattle Community College district.

It ends up that I'm already pretty familiar with most of what she is saying and, though many of you reading might not be, it probably wouldn't be helpful for me to type it here. Unfortunately, we don't have very many Camtasia licenses at Cascadia at the moment. However, TechSmith, the maker of Camtasia, has a little program that you can download called Jing Project and use for free that works very similarly to Camtasia, but it limits you to 5 minutes (which is good and bad).

However, Jean has mentioned some interesting websites that I'll share with you.

Flip Video - Jean uses this to make quick videos for her students. She avoids the file size issues by uploading the videos onto YouTube (or, my suggestion, start using TeacherTube instead)

Pageflakes - allows you to collect and organize your favorite web based resources, similar to iGoogle or My Yahoo! It also has a social networking component.


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