Monday, July 20, 2009

ANGEL Tip of the Day #9

ANGEL Tip of the day #9 - Leftover Blackboard Files

This week, our tips will all be about managing your course files and course size. We have a 300 MG size limit on each course. This is more than adequate for most folks. Still, whether you have a big or little course, it is good to practice good file management. This week, I’ll teach you how.

WAOL Media Server: If you make use of big files in your course (movies, Camtasia videos, audio and video files, graphic intensive documents) you should probably get to know the WAOL media server. You can access it at MyWAOL (where you used to fill out your Intent to Teach forms) – Anyone with a WAOL account can use it and anyone in the community college system can set up a WAOL account.

There is a video below, but just click on the Upload Media link once you log into MyWAOL and the instructions are fairly self explanatory. Once you upload your media, you get a link that you can add to ANGEL.

Video instructions:


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