Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Large Announcements Can Slow ANGEL Performance

Audience: ANGEL administrators and faculty

Problem: Announcements in ANGEL classes and groups load frequently, which means that large announcements can slow the performance of ANGEL for all users on the system.

Fix: Type announcements directly into the announcement editor in the course, rather than copying and pasting text from Microsoft Word or other programs that generate a lot of extra formatting information that, while invisible to the viewer, generates a lot of extra characters in the HTML coding. HTML formatting is allowed but for best results it is recommended not to use formatting that drastically changes the size, color, etc of text. Also, instead of making course announcements overly long, create shorter announcements with links to longer documents in the lesson content or elsewhere in the course. For assistance with this, please email jsims@lcc.ctc.edu.

What does this mean? Fewer large announcements = Faster WAOL ANGEL

Additional Information: If you want to see how many characters there are in a given course announcement, click on the “Source” button to view the HTML formatting and then copy the code to a program like Microsoft Word that will let you do a character count.

Understanding Course Announcements in ANGEL(pdf)


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