Thursday, March 25, 2010

Important Information on Copying Courses in ANGEL

1. Back up your classrooms frequently. Restoring data that has been accidentally deleted is pretty easy if you backup your classroom. Otherwise, it is difficult and costly-- or maybe impossible.

You can find instructions on how to backup your content click here.

2. Copy from your Master Classroom so you do not include existing students and their work in your new classroom. When copying content into a new classroom, copy from your Master classroom.

This will link you to the instructions click here.

Note! If instead of copying from another course or master course you are importing a backup file, it will contain student records, grades, e-mail, submissions, discussion forum postings, and more. Uncheck the User Data column so that they will not be imported into the new course. All assignments remain, but do not contain any student submissions. You might also want to uncheck Calendar Items and Announcements if you do not want them in the new course.

These two steps can save you a lot of stress!


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