Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ANGEL Tip of the Day #43: Try a Different Browser

You’ve probably had the experience of trying to do something on ANGEL and had it not work. I thought I’d share my personal strategy for this – try a different browser.

I’d love to say that, if you always use Firefox or always use Internet Explorer 8, everything in ANGEL will work. Sadly, that does not seem to be the case and personally I have not found there is any one browser that works all the time. I will say that Firefox works far better more often than any version of Internet Explorer. Safari and Chrome also work most of the time, but neither is supported by ANGEL and thus have some serious drawbacks (for example, it is hard to upload a document to a dropbox from Safari).

So, my tip of the day – if it does not work in Firefox, try Internet Explorer. If it does not work in Internet Explorer, try it in Firefox. 80% of the time, changing browsers will fix the problem. If that doesn’t fix the problem, clear your cache – that fixes another 15% of the problems. The last 5% are real problems that require a call or email to Presidium.

Please share this strategy with your students. Also, use this strategy in the lab computers (Firefox is installed on all lab computers on campus).


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