Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Cascadia Orientation

MyCascadia orientation

Prepare to be disappointed

Plan is to

  • Keep the good stuff
  • Clear out the underbrush - the stuff that nobody looks at
  • Encourage campus community to learn and play around; change it to something that works for you if you are a person that maintains content.
    • Understands the limits of training to date and will be hiring an asst director for professional development. This person will be responsible for MyCascadia training, guide-by-the-side to facilitate learning
  • Reorganize and redesign
  • Keep taking additional steps to take advantage of the new environment; incremental steps.

MyCascadia as it currently stands is basically the same as Zocalo.

Address: My.Cascadia.edu

Same address on and off campus

Good news: no need to log in when you are on campus.

More good news: password is the same as your network login

Less good news - will need to log in for each document opened when off campus.

Another problem - when they moved Zocalo to MyCascadia, some of the permissions got broken. If you run into a document that you should be able to open but can't, send in a help desk ticket - its an easy fix.

Other good new things:

  • Bread crumb navigation (will always be able to see where you are in the site structure)
  • MySite - you can set up and control who sees what under Profile. Has a social networking feature to it, allowing easy searching amongst pages
  • Blogging, wikis (rather awful) and RSS feeds facilitated.
  • Document review workflow facilitated (saves sending document to a bunch of people to edit and tracking multiple versions)

Now what???

  • If something is broken, send a helpdesk ticket for repair
  • Beginning to purge un-used sites. IT will send out a list of unused sites and will delete if they don't hear otherwise. Send a helpdesk ticket to save.
  • Directory updates are coming so that only current employees are listed
  • Regular trainings starting in July (after training person hired)
  • Class site templates with gradebook, course planning, and student messaging (August) (supported through Helpdesk, who will be supported by Microsoft's contractor)
  • New templates for departments, committees, projects (July)
  • Navigation structure change (possibly August)
  • Calendar (possibly September)


At July 15, 2008 at 11:30 PM , Blogger itswaylate said...

Thanks Stephanie. I did a general search on google and found this! Very helpful. -Julie


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