Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ANGEL Tip of the Day #6 - Omit the Save Button in Quizzes

ANGEL Tip of the Day #4 - Omit the Save Button in Quizzes

By default, your quizzes have a “save” button, giving students the opportunity to save answers. This is only useful, however, if you give students multiple opportunities to take the quiz. If you only give them one chance, you should turn the save button off. Here’s how.

From the Settings link of your quiz, click on the Interaction tab. Be sure you have selected “Advanced”. Scroll down 4 sections to “Submission Settings”. From there, deselect Show Save Button.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

ANGEL Tip of the Day #4 - Organizing Your Courses in ANGEL

ANGEL Tip of the Day #4 - Organizing Your Courses in ANGEL

Did you know you could organize your courses in the Courses nugget? (I didn’t either until Lindsay Custer told me – Thanks Lindsay!) Here’s how –

Log into ANGEL and rest your cursor over the Courses nugget to get the editing pencil. Click on that. Scroll to the very bottom of the screen and you’ll see some organizing options

• Organize by semester will group your courses by quarter. By Category will group master courses in one set and quarterly class shells in another. Use the plus/minus signs next to the organized courses to expand or compact the list.
• Do you want to see those little icons under your course telling you that you have ungraded items, mail, posts, etc? If no, you can unclick those boxes and they won’t show.
• Your quarterly classes show up as disabled and I have ANGEL set to show your disabled courses. However, you may wish to keep disabled courses hidden to reduce the clutter in your Courses tab. You can choose to do that in this space.

ANGEL Tip of the Day #3 - Pictures in the Roster

ANGEL’s Roster (under the communicate tab) allows you to see pictures of anyone who has posted them. To make the pictures visible, click on the Show Pictures link under the word “People” when you are in the Course Roster.

To get your picture loaded into ANGEL, go to the Preferences area under Personal Information. In the middle of the page, you’ll see “photo URL”. Click on Add and you’ll be able to upload a picture.


ANGEL Tip of the Day #2 - Embedding Videos

It is quick and easy to embed videos from services like YouTube into your ANGEL classroom. Watch this little video (2 1/2 minutes) for the step by step and then use it to practice your new skill.


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ANGEL Tip of the Day #1 - Linking Pages within ANGEL

ANGEL Tip of the Day #1 - Linking Pages within ANGEL

It can be handy to link pages within your course. For example, if you might want to link from an assignment to a related discussion board. You may recall that it was fairly easy to link pages within Blackboard, but the feature is fairly hidden in ANGEL.

From any editing screen in ANGEL, click on the Add Content Link button.

A box will open. Click on the Map tab.

There you will see the contents of your class. Click on the little icon to the left of folders to open the folder up (if you click on the folder name, it will select that link).

Just for fun – the icon tab at the end has some fun icons to insert in your work.

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