Monday, November 22, 2010

Course/Instructor Evaluations

Course/Instructor Evaluations (CIEs) start this Monday, November 22 and are open until Friday December 10, 2010. Please post this link for your students on your Angel site so they have the opportunity to fill out the CIE. The software has been updated and the link inside looks a bit different but once inside the questions and statements are all the same. There is a Thank you page at the end if you should need the students to send you that page.

Instructions for Students:

Course/Instructor Evaluations
Dates: November 22, 2010 thru December 10, 2010

Assessment is an integral part of your learning experience and growth, assessment is an equally important part of my growth as a teacher. Please take the time to provide me with an honest assessment of your experience in this class. The process will take 5 minutes or so.

To assess my teaching, please follow these steps:

1. Open Internet Explorer (Do not use any other browser)
2. Go to:
3. *Enter your SID and Pin #
4. Select the class from the drop down menu
5. Click on the Start Evaluation button
6. Fill out and submit the survey

*Your SID # is only used to verify what classes you are taking this quarter, it does not tie you to the assessment in any way—your confidentiality is ensured.
*Your SID # is your student identification number and the Pin # is your birthdate.
(month-day-year) example: 081182

Thank you for taking your time to fill out this assessment!


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