Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Conference Observations

The conference is coming to a close. There will be a luncheon and keynote and then we'll be done. It has been an excellent conference. A great location, generally very good presentations and very interesting people.

Most of the people here are instructional designers. When I saw the name "Distance Learning Administration" I was thinking other administrators like myself. The other "back office" creators of elearning did not come to mind. There have been some administrators - deans, other directors. It was great to be somewhere that did not focus primarily on faculty and that did not focus on foundational eLearning - everyone here is assumed to be an elearning professional, so the level of content was high.

I'd love to come again and hope to be able to manage it. The other alternative is finding something similar on the west coast. The fabulous location would certainly be an important part of the success.