Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Effect of Quality Matters Training on Faculty Online Self Efficacy

This presentation is the report of the presenter's dissertation findings, similar to my own presentation. He did some action research on whether faculty would feel better about designing and teaching an online class if they had been trained with QM.

Attendees went to a training over 3 days and they felt significantly better about designing and teaching an online class after they attended the training.  Note that the audience was self selected and they self reported a relatively high level of skill (natural early adopters). However, he noted that this audience could be harnessed as the change agents for the institution.

His institution is experiencing attrition in online teaching as well - people do it for a while and then stop.

I think the implications for Washington is that we should actively use QM training as a way to encourage people to teach online.

Research findings and presentation are at -


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