Tuesday, June 8, 2010

There's a Teacher in your Pocket

This session is on mobile learning. George Babb, the presenter, is from Georgia Perimeter college, who is launching a pilot for this idea. They are giving their faculty iPod Touches to experiment with mobile learning.

The focus is not the mobile device, but is the mobile learner.  The instructor notes that there are lots of devices, but he is really focusing on the smart phone. Also it is not about the device, but what you are doing with the device.  The main hopes:

  • engagement/inclusion
  • collaboration
  • instant responses
  • personalization
  • fun

Some suggestions:

  • data collection and facilitate sharing content
  • give options - if the students want to use it, they can, but don't have to. Students often teach each other the technology.
There are lots of great resources at the end of his presentation - http://gpc.edu/~onlineis/  Click on the Conferences link.


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