Monday, June 7, 2010

Visual Instructional Design

I'm at a presentation by the company ThinkingCap. I have not heard of ThinkingCap, but the description said it allows users "to produce content consistently". Since we are thinking about buying some licenses to SoftChalk, which has a similar goal, I thought this would be good.

However, a mere 5 minutes into the presentation, I can tell this is no threat to SoftChalk. What I'm seeing would be wonderful for folks who are comfortable with code. Although no knowledge of code is needed, just seeing the code (which this does) would freak people out.

Ah - he has just revealed that this is not intended for faculty, but for instructional designers. Their theory is (reasonably) on cannot expect eLearning to be created in a quality manner by a single person, but should be a team effort. However, since this isn't our model I'm not sure how helpful this will be. And I am at the far end of a tightly packed room and can't escape to another presentation. Oh well.

Post Script - I'm glad I stayed. Although this isn't something that works with our Cascadia model, it could be pretty cool for the Open Course Library. Actually, it could work for Cascadia as well - I wonder how much it costs. . . .


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