Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Got Videos - Need subtitles?

As more instructors add video recordings to their online component the issue of Accessibility will become more pronounced. While adding closed captioning is a cumbersome activity there are several tools to help.

Western Kentucky University has a tool that can be used. At the bottom of the page they have a tool free tool and instructions on how to use it.

MAGpie (Media Access Generator) is the original free caption- and audio-description authoring tool for making multimedia accessible to persons with sensory disabilities.

Universal Subtitles Add a subtitling widget to your video (or your site) and click the "subtitle me" button. The rest is simple! Totally free, and no software to download.

This information was given to us from Kyla Bates the eLearning/Continuing Ed Manager at SFCC. Thank you Kyla!