Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pacific Northwest Higher Education Teaching and Learning Conference

Today, I'm in Spokane at the Teaching and Learning conference, together with lots of our Cascadia collegues. I'm at the keynote presentation, by George Siemens, a teaching and learning consultant.

He's talking about connectivism. He's making huge assumptions about the tech savvyness of this crowd that I don't think are quite appropriate, and I wonder if he's losing people as a result. For example, he said that he never reads a newspaper and gets all of his news from his setup in Google Reader. I'm betting most of the people here have never even heard of Google reader and don't use any other RSS aggregator either.

He's also assuming everyone is using open source content, allowing students to shape their learning, using Twitter. He's certainly talking about where education could be, but it's nowhere near there.


At May 1, 2008 at 11:42 AM , Blogger George Siemens said...

Hi Stephanie - thanks for your feedback on the presentation.

...and yes, I approached the event with certain views about how tech savvy the audience would be. I was aware - from conversations with the organizers - of the general make up of the audience. And had abandoned many of the concepts/tools I typically explore (i.e. i was less tech-centric than usual).

From your feedback, it appears I may not have eliminated enough...



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